Run of the Day: Kensington Gardens

My new favourite online running tool comes from a handy site supplied by Google called Map Pedometer. I’ve used apps like MapMyRun that make plotting points prickly. With this app it’s relatively easy to use and plot points and it’s pretty user friendly. Clips of my routes are shown using this website. My first run […]


The best Phad Thai I ever had, Somewhere, Thailand

Many months ago, about 13 months ago actually, I returned home from a trip to Thailand. Which, from a self-proclaimed travel blog is pretty terrible. I’ve forgotten a lot of the magical nuances of the country, I’m sure. And I’ve neglected telling a whole story from my life when I was pretty lucky. I’ve took lots of notes from […]


Salma Hayek is the reason I get asked to leave the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

I went to Thailand. It happened…over a calendar year ago, and the guilt of never actually producing a full blog post about it while I was actually traveling there has plagued me ever since. …I’m humanly fallible. And so before I head off on my next adventure in ONE WEEK (yippee!) I’m going to try an exercise […]