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Gerbils and Taxis and Thailand, a lost photo

I’d say I’m a pretty organized person. Now a person who’s ever talked to me may find that hard to believe because my sentences sometimes cat bounce around like tiny gerbils. And some may say that I need to work on my similes, but that’s really not the point. I’d – I’d say that I’m […]


A Fight for the Future of Turkey.

Originally posted on If Anything Matters…:
Protests in Istanbul are a common occurrence. Every Saturday I see a few groups here and there with signs I can’t translate fighting for causes unknown to me. A Turkish friend with me brushes off the causes they are fighting for, knowing their pleas will continually be ignored. Whatever,…

Hagia Sofia Istanbul Turkey 2013 (72) Edit

The Turkey Letters: C.S. Lewis and Random Musings on Water Closets

Note: My friends are truly the best. Especially the ones who write to you each week even when you’re 5000 miles apart. Going through my emails with Sarah, two notes stick out. The first is a note from her — one of the more profound thoughts and pieces of advice that I received abroad, and […]