On the road for the first time

In about two months I will finally have a stamp in my passport to Istanbul (that’s where this ridiculousness will be coming from)!

However, to achieve this, I’ll be leaving school. Yes folks, I’m about to be a college dropout (for seven months). It’s huge. Because…I love school. Natalie Portman has said of herself,

“I loved school so much that most of my classmates considered me a dork.”

Well, I’m right with you Natalie — I love school. Sniffing the books, writing with Pilot .05 pens, picking the brains of my professors, exploring the library, heckling the campus weirdos, listening to random ukulele kid — I love it all.

Even more, I am on scholarship (accolades, go ahead) at Brigham Young University (BYU) where deferment is usually reserved for missionary service. In other words, unless a stroke of miracle happens and those nice scholarship people decide I am the exception, I lose my full-ride. Financial security. Anxiety. Gasp! Student loans! So, why the heck would I give this all up? Let me explain:

BYU is owned by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. A hefty chunk of each student’s education is subsidized by the “tithes” of the church’s members (offerings of a tenth of a member’s income each year). Tithes are voluntarily given back to the Lord through the church in order to 1. demonstrate faith, and to 2. build up the kingdom (including BYU and other church schools).

Tithes are sacred funds. When I stop to think of the faithful people across the world subsidizing my education, I realize that it is a huge honor and privilege to attend this university. BYU’s tuition is dirt cheap because other people sacrifice.

Realizing this, these days, I am giving less than BYU deserves…(I’m getting lay-a-zay). School seems less and less adventuresome to me as it once was. I don’t want to take my education for granted.

So when I leave it will not be without purpose:  this opportunity is a chance for me to learn wisdom, to gain experience, to listen to people, and to ignite this love affair with learning. An inquisitive mind. Ambition. Fresh air.  Creativity. And it’s, hello! an adventure! People do this all the time…right? Meh? Help?

I have never been out of the country. I am excited. Booyah. There’s so much to do…Fears, worries, into cyber-space you go.


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