“I don’t know what to think of you, but I like you.”

Fun fact: The Onion puts out weekly horoscopes. Well. Sit me down and pour me a bowl of Apple Jacks. I intend to grab my journals and take a trip down yesteryear in lieu of taking finals. Kidding. Relax, my sweet Grandmother.


Isn’t she the sweetest?

In case you were wondering, here’s my horoscope for this week:


It’s like they know me.

And so it is. So true. In fact, the second truest thing ever said about me came from my friend, Bill. And it went something like this:

Me: I think No Doubt should totally get back together.

Bill: You need a mouth diaper.

(Disclaimer: I didn’t actually say that about No Doubt. But my friend did in fact suggest that dribble usually does come out of my mouth, which could stand to be potty trained.)

Yes, it’s the harsh truth. People still come to me seeking advice. But let’s face it, I don’t have that much wisdom. In reality, they come mostly for the awkward laughs. Thank you, kind people.

Let me just thank the people who are amused by my wardrobe (hey, wearing sweaters with bells on them is a thing), random tap dancing outbreaks, elusive pop culture references, and my ability to connect anything to SmartWool socks with a blanket statement:

I learned, long ago, to abandon the idea that I am too good for things, people, and all manners of bizarre behavior (like dropping out of school to live in Istanbul and then keeping up a travel blog before I’ve even been mailed my passport). And it’s because:

Life is too good.


“What do you do if your nose goes on strike?” You picket. Jajajaja

People are too funny.

Why yes, we do love your donuts.

Why yes, we do love your donuts.

And the world is too weird.

(Photo courtesy of TheSeafarer via flickr.com)

(Photo courtesy of TheSeafarer via flickr.com)

No really. If I had been above it all when my friends helped move a piano and one yelled out, “I’VE GOT GAS” mid-lift, well gee, I would have missed that gem of a flatulence related moment. More importantly, I’ve realized how much the people in my life add so much color and vivaciousness.

So when you compliment me on how awkward I am, know it’s because of you
(Photo courtesy of Adam Winterton Photography©)

If I had been above it all when the BYU management team kids came a-looking for volunteers for goodness-knew-what at a women’s volleyball game, I would not have won a “dance off” in front of a thousand of my peers doing a Macarena-running man-shopping cart hybrid dance.

I won a swim suit, so shut it.

So please, stop thinking that you too, are too good to cat daddy across the room of a luncheon with the Dean of Students or talk to that boy far too absorbed in his copy of The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book.

Then we can all move on with our lives and you too, can get compliments like:

“I don’t know WHAT to think of you, but I like you.”


“Speed would be great to see you on.” (gee, thanks…)

Probably the best descriptor of me has come in the simple comment given by one of my mentors, Janine:

Janine: You’re…weird.

Do what makes you happy (it’s not about the compliments). Usually, what makes me happy is doing something nice for someone else or trying to make them laugh with my take on “So You Think You Can Dance.” And Jeremy Renner.

Moral of the story is that, if you abandon yourself — the notions that can hold you back from truly golden moments and golden people — you can find yourself. Try everything. Talk to everyone. Just be yourself. And don’t worry. You’re wonderful.


One thought on ““I don’t know what to think of you, but I like you.”

  1. Keep the positive vibes coming, Cook. Great way to start my lazy Sunday. Well, not-so lazy. I’m trying to find the urgency to study for finals!

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