How to Finals Week at 1AM


(Photo courtesy of Cherice via

Here I am. 1AM. Sitting in the No-Shhh!-Zone of the library. In case you are not fluent in BYU-lingo, the No-Shhh!-Zone is an area of the library with computers and tables and snacks where you can talk and grill chicken to your heart’s content, and no one, wait for it, can shh, you.

Now, there are a few ways to study for a final. You can look up wise articles like this one.

Yep, there are some good tips there: Listening to Mozart, forming study groups. Yep, some real life changers in how to study. All the summa cum laude in da houuse.

Oh a bird. Isn't it regal?

Oh a bird. Isn’t it regal? (Photo courtesy of mikebaird via

You could also look up humorous ways to study like this one.

There are some comedic gems like studying for English by picking up a “cool book, like a magazine, or a movie.” Tee. Hee. I’m on the floor.

But let’s be frank, we all know what finals week means.

It means finally getting to that pile of laundry. I means ironing your bath towels. It means writing something on Facebook about studying and then checking every three minutes for comments. It means writing letters to your mother in calligraphy which you’ve actually been meaning to take up. It means writing a trying-to-hard-to-be-clever blog post.

I, in addition to the latter, have been observing this lovely group of friends who strolled into the No-Shhh!-Zone at about 10PM. They are loud, distracting, crazy, and completely welcome, to me. In the true self-deprecating fashion of people who definitely stick out at BYU (AKA, non-white people),  they apologetically asked me “well, what do you expect when you let in a group of brown people? ”

What, indeed. Welcome to finals week. How to finals week:

  • Lots of orange juice with ice
  • Breathing
  • Good humor and cheer
  • Confidence. You’re awesome, smart, and clever. And it’s 1AM. What were you expecting, the Magna Carta?

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