Anxiety Before I Get On a Plane

There are things that you think about before you get on a plane. Did leave any lights or electronics on? Will I get through TSA with my carry on? Did I remember my toothbrush from the sink? Do I have enough pictures of Ewan McGregor to sustain me through a 10 hour flight (Answer: Always NO)?

And then there are purely hypothetical and didn’t happen to me a few hours ago situations. For instance: incorrectly reading one’s itinerary for weeks and discovering the day of that the 8:15 AM flight to which one’s father had graciously offered to drive, meaning said company would have to leave the house at 4:45 AM, was actually scheduled for 1:15 PM. Those are always a hoot.

However, few things give me an unnecessary amount of anxiety like finding an email from the BYU Library (to whom you are temporarily no longer a patron) and being hardly conscious to read through it properly:


My horror of possessing an overdue book is deep.

Which in my pre-dawn ready brain translated to you have an overdue item, you sap twit, and we will begin charging your student account every hour on the hour indefinitely, YAH ANIMAL.

Now that it’s no longer 4 AM I can see that I overreacted. And that the person who writes these automated library service emails has very nice manners. Sorry about all of the semi-sweet chocolate chips I consumed out of apprehension.

But for now, goodbye America. I’m about to head off to the airport now. My lights are off and my toothbrush is tucked away. I think I’m ready.


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