Eureka! Turkey in Pictures

Alrighty. Sorry about being so quiet (a conundrum itself) last week. Last week’s big zinger was on cats. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like cats but, let me repeat: last week my big zinger was on cats. I bet you were falling over in your chairs as I waxed poetic on feisty little mousers.

But I’m back. After a week of non-stop adventure I’ve got access to the internet again. Watch out John Stamos!

And yes, I am old enough to appreciate that Uncle Jesse was a

A hunk. See what I did there?

A hunk. See what I did there?

Sleep deprived, unbathed, not having had cake today, I will spare you the usual unrefined crudity and offer you a pictorial bonanza of things I’ve found in Turkey while I go prepare myself (sleeping and eating) to tell you about last week’s non-stop adventures:

1. First things first – Carmen Sandiego. She was in the bathroom. Insert your own potty jokes here. Actually, email them to me. Sound effects are welcome.

She met up with Rhonda Voo and Baron Wasteland,

She met up with Rhonda Poo and Baron Wasteland

2. Yeşil Cami or the Green Mosque in Bursa.

BursaTripTurkey2013 (52)

3. I screamed for this perfectly whipped ice cream I found in Sultanahmet at Mado. It’s right off the tram stop across the street.

IceCreamIstanbulTurkey (2)

Why do I scream for it? I SCREAM SODA PEOPLE HEAR ME! Jajaja

4. I’ve found religion


5. The Dolmabache Palace entrance arches in Besiktas.

DolmabachePalaceIstanbulTurkey2013 (20) - Copy

6. The cliffhanger ending to Kyle XY in Besiktas. Gah. It still drives me nuts. They also canceled “Deal or No Deal,” “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,” “Pushing Daisies,” and “The Emperor’s New School” that year. I clearly stopped watching television and took up to a lot of picture three afterwards.


The ‘stache was a pretty good disguise after all these years. He probably was taught by Carmen Sandiego

7. The German Fountain in Istanbul


8. The Ortakoy Mosque currently under construction.


9. The view from the ferry on a boat trip to Asia

SeagullsBirdsFerryRideBursaTripTurkey2013 (4)


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