Life in 10 Photos, Turkey

You may have thought I died long ago in the wilderness, but you are wrong…I still alive.

No, sorry about the two week chasm. Life, it’s just too fun sometimes. But today, Easter Sunday, is all about life. You can learn, if you wish, all about what I believe about this special day here. But if not just take my word for it — life is a precious gift. It’s one of my favorite subjects: in my short time abroad I’ve learned how people can live in ways I never would have considered and that they can be just as good and fulfilling. 

I’m reminded of this old quote by Winston Churchill: 

 “You make all kinds of mistakes, but as long as you are generous and true and also fierce, you cannot hurt the world or even seriously distress her.”

Well, forgive me, Mr. Churchill, for taking some liberties by saying that those who are kind and good and true and fierce change the world from where they stand. 

I have so many stories to tell you. But in the meantime, I leave you with some photos that are made so much better by the strangers sharing the frames. The places I go would mean nothing without the people and their stories. Who knew that vagabonds were just so gosh darn photogenic? Life is glorious.

1. I adore these people at the Hippodrome at Sultanahmet. They probably sensed this — I have very little finesse. The Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine are pictured in the background


2. Doggie! At the Blue Mosque courtyard:

Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey 2013 (43)

3. Outside the Green Mosque in Bursa, Turkey. I name this one, “Friendship: beanies on bench.”

Friendship is beanie s on a bench

4. Dolmabache MosqueDolmabache Mosque Strangers Istanbul Turkey 2013 (10)

5. Helping others at the Eminonu Mosque, IstanbulEminonu Mosque Istanbul Turkey 2013 (14)

6. Setup for a romantic evening at the Maiden’s Tower

Sigh, love

Sigh, love

7. This picture just delights me. Istanbul has a fast growing economy and is in pretty good shape compared to other nations in the EU (Turkey is not in the EU). The other candidates for the 2020 Olympics are Madrid and Tokyo.

Galata Bridge Istanbul Turkey 2013 (26)

8. A woman marvels at a world wonder, the Hagia Sophia, and I just love her face. 

Hagia Sofia Istanbul Turkey 2013 (68)

9. I have a moment where I count my blessings in Sultanahmet

10. Rumeli Castle, a reminder to cherish that kid in youRumeli Fortress Istanbul Turkey 2013 (158)

Happy Easter, friend.


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