Why I am ruined on facial hair forever

I’m still fine tuning my strategies for taking pictures of people discreetly.

When you indirectly tell your friend back home that they have a bright future in public beautification because you ran into a street sweeper who looked EXACTLY like him (I’m telling you Luke, you’re totally NOT half Filipino, you’re a Middle Eastern love child (can I say that on a family blog?)) they NEED photographic evidence.


Likewise, when I say that I am RUINED on facial hair forever, I need to have some photographic evidence to back it up (But in all seriousness, in Turkey, mustache implants are a thing. Like a CNN covered thing. We take it that seriously).

Naturally I am basing my own firm and highly developed opinions on…what I see on television.

Hey so, I’m not sure what copyright laws will allow me to post pictures from everywhere and on the off chance that one of my Turkish celebrity crushes does want to return my Tinder request, I’d rather not be sued. Just follow the links. You’ll not regret it. 

Exhibit A: Muhteşem Yüzyıl’s Bali Bey.

His mustache is kind of, like, a miracle?

Exhibit B: Intikam’s Mert Fırat.

He’s normally very clean shaven on the show. That is when Derin isn’t up to making him crazy in love and then ripping him apart. Her revenge schemes against his parents for framing her dad causing her to have a pretty messed up childhoodandendinguphurtingeveryonesheloves…doesn’t do much for their relationship. He doesn’t always feel like taking up the razor on those days.

Exhibit C: Ali.

This was my favorite blog to check every morning in Turkey, hoping I’d get a glimpse of Ali that day. Ali is a man who walks by this blogger each morning. And she photographs him on his way to work. He wears great clothes. And (up until a few weeks ago) a fan-friggen-tastic mustache. But then I also found out that Ali doesn’t even live in Turkey anymore. Sigh.

Here’s a personal favorite.

So as you can see, my standards for facial hair went way up. I would like a formal apology from Robert Downy Jr. And a written one from his goatee.

There really was no point to this post.

Except to have an excuse for this picture to be put on the internet. This was at my last visit to Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi.

It was glorious.

Bahcesehir University Istanbul Turkey 2013 (1)



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