The Turkey Letters: C.S. Lewis and Random Musings on Water Closets

Note: My friends are truly the best.

Especially the ones who write to you each week even when you’re 5000 miles apart.

Going through my emails with Sarah, two notes stick out. The first is a note from her — one of the more profound thoughts and pieces of advice that I received abroad, and really, in life.

The second, is a note from me. Perhaps it was the result of one too many whiffs of Greek olive juice. It has its profound merits as well…so, enjoy, friend.

Included are some of my favorite pictures of the people I saw — the people I saw were as great as any monument. Enjoy the Hippodrome and the Hagia Sophia.

Dear Cookie,

A lot of things have been on my mind lately, but here’s one thought I felt prompted to share:

“What can you ever really know of other people’s souls – of their temptations, their opportunities, their struggles? One soul in the whole creation do you know: and it is the only one whose fate is placed in your hands.”  

AsianStrangersEgyptianObeliskSultanahmetIstanbulTurkey2013 Edit

C.S. Lewis said that (brilliant man). Every time I feel inclined to judge someone, think harshly of them, or be critical with or without cause, I think about that.

I don’t know anything about anyone else’s temptations or struggles than my own, and so really, I can’t assume that I know better than them what they should have done (or not done), or that I’m in a position to say how they should live their lives. I have control over only my temptations, my struggles, my opportunities, and my fate.

Hagia Sofia Istanbul Turkey 2013 (72) Edit

Here’s to making it the most interesting and joyful journey possible.

Take care of yourself, friend.



German Fountain Stranger Istanbul Turkey 2013 Edit

Dear Sarah,

Today I left the church 3 hours after it ended. I also forced an ADORABLE western-European couple to talk to me for a third of that time. I have now been called “weird” by people from four different continents. I should get a cookie. 

 You’ll figure living out. 

 I’ll hopefully figure living out. 

 I’ve followed MANY people into the bathroom. 




Hagia Sofia Istanbul Turkey 2013 (68) Edit


I have no explanation for that last letter.

Perhaps, this…this is friendship.


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