A Fight for the Future of Turkey.

This is Cassie. She is brilliant. “Ideas are being shared. And there is no army more powerful than an idea.” – Cassie

If Anything Matters...

Protests in Istanbul are a common occurrence. Every Saturday I see a few groups here and there with signs I can’t translate fighting for causes unknown to me. A Turkish friend with me brushes off the causes they are fighting for, knowing their pleas will continually be ignored. Whatever, right?

Which is why when I heard about the protests in Gezi Park, I had a similar reaction. Another protest in Taksim—what else is new? This one seemed to carry more weight than the others though. I had read a few articles about the protests. The ostensible issue of conflict appeared to be a fight for trees? After repeated updates about the situation, I decided I wanted to ‘go see.’ The ignorant tourist side of me confidently made my way to Taksim Square.


I got off the bus at Kabatas, one of the several boroughs in Istanbul, closest to the borough of…

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