Gerbils and Taxis and Thailand, a lost photo

I’d say I’m a pretty organized person.

Now a person who’s ever talked to me may find that hard to believe because my sentences sometimes cat bounce around like tiny gerbils.

And some may say that I need to work on my similes, but that’s really not the point.

I’d — I’d say that I’m a pretty organized person. Late schoolwork? Psh. Never. That receipt from Provo Bakery? Oh yes, I know exactly where that is. Also, please stop checking up on my visits to the Provo Bakery, I only bought like 6 pastries last time, okay?



Anywhoodle, my amazing organizational skills are especially put to use in finding photographs from travels. In my mantra to take only photographs and memories for myself, I have a ton. And I know exactly where to find each one.

Ask me to find that picture of you from the 2012 Settlers of Catan Christmas party, go ahead.

Worlds End Party Silverdale Washington Christmas 2012 (11)

I call this one, “quizzical buttermilk”

But today as I was going through some old photos from Thailand (which I know, I know, I haven’t blogged about at all) I found one that made me well chortle with delight. A forgotten friend that I had forgotten all about.

Back in January, while the weather in Thailand was warming up to a consistent 80 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity and my bank account dwindling from numerous taxi rides, I decided that it would be in my best interest to finally try out one of those motorcycle taxis.

I found this photo today that best sums up this experience.

Here it is:


I entitle this one, “where the h*ck am I supposed to put my hands?”


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