For friend, willing to run out of snacks in middle of Idaho

The title is pretty explanatory.

But the short of the back story is…I got a speeding ticket on my way to Boise Idaho. And then at the exact spot where nothing happens in Idaho my car broke down. It can be best explained by this text message to friends and family:

Car broke middle Idaho. On side of road, called 911 + tow truck. Truck coming. Okay for now. Out of snacks. Please bring snacks.

Also. Got a speeding ticket, I think.

Cassie, in response to your ten apologetic messages — after a weekend that hey, you owe no apologies for — I decided to give you love from 400 miles away in the best way I know how: by publishing it on the internet and somehow connecting it to food.

(This is Cassie by the way)

Cassie, while I could have posted one of your amazing shots from one of the thousands of ceremonies this past month in your honor, I hope you can forgive me.

This weekend I made a trek to see you, my most exceptionally hard working friend as you graduated with every honor Boise State University could offer. I have only known you for the latter half of your years at the university but from the start, Cassie you’ve been amazing to me.

I met you on the tail end of your undergrad journey, bonding over pastries in Istanbul. Remember that? You were just settling into the university there and your internship at the consulate, were running around teaching English to little Turkish babehs while simultaneously putting the finishing touches on your Truman Scholar finalist application and presentation.

From there you traveled to Haiti and Paris, sent me a picture of the Pope from Rome, and back again to D.C. with a side trip of Provo for me. There were some set backs, some losses, for both of us. But always in the forefront whether you were back in your presidential office at BSU or in New York trying to find just one acceptable Turkish restaurant are your friends and family and a little text or email to show you cared.

No one gives you the credit you deserve for being there for everyone — proofing everyone’s scholarship essays, lending one of your beautiful dresses on the fly, being a listening and equally understanding ear to those who suffer in the name of love — while running the world. But that’s probably okay sometimes because it could get to anyone’s head all the appreciation that you truly deserve.

I couldn’t be more proud of you for accomplishing everything you have (Top Ten Scholar, Truman Scholar finalist, 1st Generation College Grad with high honors, most creative queso dip use award) and as selflessly as anyone I know.

Plus the way you called me within minutes of me breaking down was amazing. You saved me. Again.

Thank you for being my friend.

You are worth everything.

So stop sending me apologetic texts — I got a couple candy bars at a gas station in Idaho. I’m good 🙂



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