The best Phad Thai I ever had, Somewhere, Thailand

Many months ago, about 13 months ago actually, I returned home from a trip to Thailand. Which, from a self-proclaimed travel blog is pretty terrible. I’ve forgotten a lot of the magical nuances of the country, I’m sure. And I’ve neglected telling a whole story from my life when I was pretty lucky. I’ve took lots of notes from […]

Salma Hayek is the reason I get asked to leave the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

I went to Thailand. It happened…over a calendar year ago, and the guilt of never actually producing a full blog post about it while I was actually traveling there has plagued me ever since. …I’m humanly fallible. And so before I head off on my next adventure in ONE WEEK (yippee!) I’m going to try an exercise […]

What happens when my family is asked to create a bracket for March Madness

Well, it’s my family that I married into. But still, I married right. So here’s what happened: late last night my brother-in-law sent out this mass email. It’s rather entertaining and brilliant actually: Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Happy March Madness, and may the odds be ever in your favor. Now, before we begin, we have a very […]