Welcome to London! Shut it jetlag.

Traveling offers one opportunities for growth, reflection, and all that jazz.

It also a time for major meltdowns between you and your significant other.


Since my international traveling has been solo so far, I guess…I’m blaming international travel fatigue for being horrible to my husband.


So after a long day of travel, finally being able to relax in our flat that we’ve been assigned to for the rest of our stay we came home to this:


There are so many BYU jokes right now that I cannot pick.

All we can do is laugh.

All we can do is marvel at our good fortune of being together for our next adventure, international meltdowns aside.

“I want the top bunk!!”


One thought on “Welcome to London! Shut it jetlag.

  1. Cookie has not been horrible at all. Jet lag, exhaustion, hotel booking, stress and travel bumps are one thing. Being horrible is totally different. I wasn’t very helpful to Cookie during some moments of stress. So, putting that all behind, last night we enjoyed a very… snug slumber together in a basement apartment in London on a single sized mattress. She is a wonderful wife. If I could snuggle so close to anyone I couldn’t ask for a better companion to share a tiny bed with.

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