Run of the Day: Kensington Gardens

My new favourite online running tool comes from a handy site supplied by Google called Map Pedometer. I’ve used apps like MapMyRun that make plotting points prickly. With this app it’s relatively easy to use and plot points and it’s pretty user friendly. Clips of my routes are shown using this website.

My first run in London was a groggy one to fight off jet lag. I took a leisurely run around Kensington Gardens which opens at approximately 6AM year round and closes about an hour past sunset during the year.

Who wants to get up at 6AM?

Not me, and so I headed out a little past seven for the beautiful brisk London mist.


The refreshing dewy air immediately reminded of my home in Washington; however, my jet lag and my head cold willed me to stop soon after mile 1 and so I headed home sooner than I wanted. Although, not before climbing The Albert Memorial Rocky Balboa style.


I’ll do a bit more research later but I do know that the impressive thing is a commemoration of Queen Victoria’s dear husband who died at the young age of 42. For the rest of her life Queen Victoria deeply mourned her husband and so she commissioned this work. At an ornate 176 feet tall, the memorial took 13 years to finish. This may have been due to how elaborate the piece is or the fact that the Queen had to raise the funds that would be well over £10,000,000 today.

From the monument you’ll also get a great view of the Royal Albert Hall, though I haven’t toured this yet.


Slightly crowded at 7AM, the place is nearly overrun by 9 but the place is all around a great run for those easy runs with the rest of running London.

I started at Queen’s Gate and ran west and up to the northwest corner of the park.


In my new Altras



And of course every moment became picturesque

After rounding the corner you can cut through the park or continue around the perimeter. For my first run I decided that the inner pathways might lead me to beautiful treasures.

The run around the whole park perimeter is a little over 4 miles but the best part of the gardens is exploring the pathways inside.



I’d give yourself some time for post-run and mid-run exploration of the garden pathways and all of its lovely dedicated benches.

You’ll feel like Hugh Freaking Grant in an blink.


All the feels

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 19.23.41

The entire perimeter is about 4.5 miles and cutting through the park to end at Queen’s Gate like here will also be about 4.5 miles.

As I sat on one of the benches for a breather I even had a delightful pooch approach me for pets. To which, his owner wondered aloud, “you don’t have any sandwiches do you?”


How to Get there: 

  • Lancaster Gate & Queensway (Central Line)
  • Bayswater (District Line)
  • High Street Kensington (Circle and District Lines)
  • Bus routes can be found here.



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