Run of the Day: Notting Hill

So here’s what I can deduce about runners in London. They do it every where they can and they bring everything with them. If you’re anywhere in downtown (note: look up what they call the really businessy/social sides of London) London you’ll spot a runner with a giant backpack running from their office back to their flat. Concrete jungle, no kidding.

Photo courtesy The Telegraph


And so to at least attempt to escape the hoards of runners in the city and in the parks, I took a trip to Notting Hill. Or as my generation may know it by, that place where Hugh Grant says, “whoopsie daisy”.

FYI, Notting Hill is adorable and worth a trip when you’re not running. That said, I loved running it first and getting a feel for my way around. 

For me, running is all about exploring new places. I’ve laid out this map, but please, use it as a guideline. I easily ran more than this route just to see more.

For the sake of maybe wanting a route, I’ve laid out one way to see some landmarks in Notting Hill District including Portobello Road, All Saint’s Church, and Holland Park.

To achieve this, leave from Notting Hill Gate Tube station and travel north and keeping an eye out for the famous Portobello Road. Now, when I arrived in this part of town a little past 8AM, it was already getting started and moving for a Monday morning. I had to dodge tourists and loading trucks and so if you don’t want to come to a halt during your run, try at least 730AM.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 00.03.36

Start & End at the Notting Hill Station



The beginning of the madness of Portobello Road, at 8AM




And you too can be charmed by London at its most quaint.




All Saints Church








Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 00.03.20

The entire 3 mi route

How to Get there: 

  • Central Line and District Line Tube stops

Good Eats: 

  • Head back down Portobello Road for some yummy breakfast, but please, stay away from Starbucks on this one, trust me.



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