The White Cliffs of Dover

The cliffs, the cliffs. Historically iconic, the cliffs, for all of British history has been the last thing seen leaving home and the first sight coming back, especially during the great World Wars. The cliffs played an enormous role in the excavation of Dunkirk during WWII as the massive tunnels in the cliffs safeguarded 100’s of thousands […]

Trail of the Day: Top Withens, Haworth, England

Top Withens is the ruined remains of an old farm house said to be an inspiration for Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. From Haworth village you can get there on a marked path that’s about 3.5 miles out, so 7 miles round trip. The trail getting there was exceptionally beautiful as I imagined every scene between […]

Run of the Day: Kensington Gardens

My new favourite online running tool comes from a handy site supplied by Google called Map Pedometer. I’ve used apps like MapMyRun that make plotting points prickly. With this app it’s relatively easy to use and plot points and it’s pretty user friendly. Clips of my routes are shown using this website. My first run […]