Photos from Temple Square, Salt Lake City

Holy cats. It’s as hot as the dickens outside in Provo today. Pardon my sputtering of minced oath, but “jeepers mister, it’s hot out” wasn’t cutting it for me. Hannah Montana. Ahem. In addition, I forgot that I am a pansy. But really, I step outside and perspire from pores I never knew existed that I […]

9 Bits of Wisdom for Twentysomethings

There are times in life when “I don’t even know what just happened” doesn’t quite cover it. But, the case could be made for just about every hopeful twenty-something’s decade of living the what-in-the-name-of-Sam-Hill-am-I-doing-with-my-life syndrome. But I will miss my mark in a thousand ways to get to someplace better and more unique than I could have imagined.

Making Friends in Unfamiliar Places: Cake, carbs, Mormons, and France

And then you look at yourself, back to her flawlessness, back at yourself and reflect. Oh. My. Did I just say that and think it would be funny? Or did I just say that because I have an honest appreciation for the allies of America’s independence movement?