Shaun the Sheep Walking Trails, London, England

On my first day of sober, non-jetlagged, exploration of London we found this: Curious. But then, I found this: And there had to be some sort of explanation. According to the internet, these curious little statues are part of Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity fundraiser. In late March, artists debuted 50 of Shaun the Sheeps […]

Salma Hayek is the reason I get asked to leave the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

I went to Thailand. It happened…over a calendar year ago, and the guilt of never actually producing a full blog post about it while I was actually traveling there has plagued me ever since. …I’m humanly fallible. And so before I head off on my next adventure in ONE WEEK (yippee!) I’m going to try an exercise […]

Gerbils and Taxis and Thailand, a lost photo

I’d say I’m a pretty organized person. Now a person who’s ever talked to me may find that hard to believe because my sentences sometimes cat bounce around like tiny gerbils. And some may say that I need to work on my similes, but that’s really not the point. I’d — I’d say that I’m […]

Why I am ruined on facial hair forever

I’m still fine tuning my strategies for taking pictures of people discreetly. When you indirectly tell your friend back home that they have a bright future in public beautification because you ran into a street sweeper who looked EXACTLY like him (I’m telling you Luke, you’re totally NOT half Filipino, you’re a Middle Eastern love […]