Shaun the Sheep Walking Trails, London, England

On my first day of sober, non-jetlagged, exploration of London we found this: Curious. But then, I found this: And there had to be some sort of explanation. According to the internet, these curious little statues are part of Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity fundraiser. In late March, artists debuted 50 of Shaun the Sheeps […]

So we’re in Shakespeare’s town.

We’re in Stratford-Upon-Avon, home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, birthplace of William Shakespeare, and a lot of swans.     Naturally, we had to find the “state carnival” in town. You know, to experience the whole thing in all of its Englishy goodness. Here are some photos.           Having adventurous friends (and […]

Run of the Day: Kensington Gardens

My new favourite online running tool comes from a handy site supplied by Google called Map Pedometer. I’ve used apps like MapMyRun that make plotting points prickly. With this app it’s relatively easy to use and plot points and it’s pretty user friendly. Clips of my routes are shown using this website. My first run […]